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   Interclub Strokeplay Championship

    Barrow Golf Club

   1st August 2021

  Competition Rules

Eligibility to Play

Each affiliated club with in the CUGC may enter up to 3 teams in this Competition. The entry fee will be £40 for one team, £70 for 2 teams and £90 for 3 teams and advertised to the clubs with a notification that the closing date for this competition will be 11.59pm, Sunday 25th July 2021. Entries after this date will not be accepted.

In the event of a Club entering more than one team, Team A will consist of the players with the Lowest Handicaps. Team B will have the next highest Handicaps and Team 3 will consist of those players with the highest handicaps.

The Competition

The competition is played over 2 rounds of 18 holes each on one day. The draw is made and published as soon as possible after the deadline for entries is reached. The team shall consist of 3 players, teeing off at different times. Each player entered must have membership of the club he represents and have a current WHS handicap verifiable on the Clubs Central Database of Handicaps. Penalty for breach of Rule: - Disqualification.


The competition is played as a medal off Scratch but handicaps must be shown on the Scorecards submitted at the end of each Round. The players Handicap will remain constant throughout the competition. The score of all 3 players in a team count and are added together with the lowest total team score being declared the winner.

Procedure in the event of a Tie

If 2 or more teams end the competition tied on the same lowest score then the cards with the lowest score for the afternoon round are compared and the lowest of those cards will win. If the Tie continues the second lowest cards will be used and a winner will be found in the same way. If there is still no decider then the lowest of the afternoon cards will be used and so on until a winner will be found. If no winner is found the morning cards will be used in the same way.

The Trophy

The Trophy will be awarded to the winning Club with Prize Vouchers for the top 3 Clubs. The value of the Prizes will be declared at the start of the competition.

The England Golf Club Championships

The Champions will be entered into the England Golf Club Championships at Knole Park Golf Club on the 18th September 2021. Expenses up to £1000 may be claimed from the CUGC to offset some of the expenses involved. Receipts are required.

Alan Mclean

County Competitions Chairman

  •      Cumbria Interclub Matchplay 2020


  The Inter Club Matchplay ( ICMP ) is to be held at ONE venue in 2020.

  The venue this year for the Preliminary round is Maryport Golf Club on Sunday 19th April 2020.

 It will remain a foursomes  team event, where the 4 man team is split into 2 pairings and then drawn against opponents pairings       from another club. Teams should enter via their Club Secretary and all entries to be sent to :-

  Tom Stout

 All teams entering this competition will be placed in an open draw. This competition is open to ALL golf clubs in Cumbria. Multiple   entries will be accepted with the relevant fee, £40 per team, £70 for two or £90 for three teams. Closing date for entries will be Midnight Saturday 12th April 2020. 

 The draw will take place on Sunday 13th April and posted on the website thereafter.

  Preliminary Round Maryport GC Sunday 19th April 2020.

  Rounds 1 & 2 Appleby GC on Sunday 24th May 2020  (First round 08.00 with 16 teams down to 8. PM Second Round 8 teams down to 4)

  Semi Finals and Final Workington GC Saturday 6th June 2020. Starting at 08.30.

For further information you can ring Alan Mclean 07850 596 762 or email :

Alan Mclean

   County 4s Competition

    This years County 4s competition will be taking place at Penrith GC on Sunday 17th May 2020. We are very pleased to anounce that this Great golf course is hosting this competition for the first time but having held County events here in the past we can certainly look forward to a great day. 


Draw for Interclub Strokeplay, Sunday 16th July. Seascale Golf Club 

Time am Time pm Player 1 Player 2  Player 3
08.00 12.45 Seascale A1 Workington B1
08.08 12.53 Workington B2 Seascale A2
08.16 13.01 Seascale A3 Workington B3
08.24 13.09 Seascale B1 Penrith A1 Kendal 1
08.32 13.17 Penrith A2 Kendal 2 Seascale B2
08.40 13.25 Kendal 3 Seascale B3 Penrith A3
08.48 13.33 Penrith B1 Furness 1 Carlisle A1
08.56 13.41 Furness 2 Carlisle A2 Penrith B2
09.04 13.49 Carlisle A3 Penrith B3 Furness 3
09.12 13.57 Workington A1 Carlisle B1 Barrow 1
09.20 14.05 Carlisle B2 Barrow 2 Workington A2
09.28 14.13 Barrow 3 Workington A3 Carlisle B3
09.36 14.21 Windermere 1 Ulverston 1 Brampton 1
09.44 14.29 Ulvertson 2 Brampton 2 Windermere 2
09.52 14.37 Bramption 3 Windermere 3 Ulverston 3

  1. Could Team Captains please inform Tom Stout, County Secretary of their teams beforehand, it would be greatly appreciated. Email
  2. Teams please report to the desk at least 15 minutes before the first tee time allocated.
  3. In order to save time between rounds, sandwiches and chips will be provided for the players and Captains. The cost to Clubs will be notified in advance. Could Team Captains please liaise with the Caterer at Seascale Golf Club, Kirsty, in advance to make arrangements for food and settlement of bills.
  4. All team members must be registered on the CDH with a competitive handicap.
  5. The team with the lowest aggregate over 36 holes will be the winner and will qualify for the Champion Club Tournament at East Devon Golf Club on 23rd September.

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