Cumbria Union of Golf Clubs

County Card

There are now two ways for you to obtain a County Card....

Option 1. 

The affiliated member will still be able to fill in the following details on a paper card obtained from the club:- Name, Club & CDH Number. The card will be validated by the club official and you will be asked to sign the card as well. This paper based card is available to all the members of the Cumbria Ladies Golf Association, and as an alternative for any member of the Cumbria Union not able to obtain the digital version of the card on a mobile phone, as detailed as follows.

Download a County Card Here

Option 2.

Through the use of our Intelligent Golf website, we now have the ability to provide the affiliate members of the Cumbria Union of Golf Clubs with a digital card which you load on to your mobile phone. This reduces the costs involved in producing the paper cards, and assists us in keeping our costs down which in turn helps keep your county affiliation fees down.. The County Card is available free of charge to all members of affiliated clubs within Cumbria. The card is valid at 31 clubs in Cumbria and over 1,400 clubs across England. The card entitles the holder to discounted golf, strictly subject to the terms laid down by the individual participating club.

To download the App onto the phone, simply search for 'igCounty' within the Apple Store or Google Play Store

When you have successfully downloaded the App simply select "Cumbria Union" from the list of counties and press 'Save'.

Click the County Card icon in the bottom right of the screen and then click 'continue'
Enter your CDH number, surname and email address where indicated.
Enable notifications to receive email notifications about County events and news from your home County.

Click 'Activate County Card'.

Note: If you do not know your CDH number your golf club should be able to help you

Your County Card will now be installed in the App. 

The expiry date is updated each year. To renew your card, simply uninstall & re-install "The App" on  your phone and the expiry date will automatically renew.

Having done that you will be able to use the card at not only the 31 Cumbrian Clubs but also at in excess of 1400 clubs in the rest of England.

List of clubs where you can use the County Cards.  Click here

For further details of the New County Cards please contact the 

County Secretary on email or tel. 01946 693036


Terms and Conditions for use of County Card.  

County Policy, Terms and Conditions:

The Cumbria County Card is an exceptional money-saving privilege card, a benefit available to Full Playing Members at all clubs within the County Area.

All affiliated Full Playing Members of the Cumbria Union of Golf Clubs and the Cumbria County Ladies Golf Association are entitled to use the County Card which is issued annually by the County Union to the affiliated Clubs. The County Card entitles the holder to a reduced green fee, which stands at 50% in Cumbria. (It can differ in other counties or at different times of day, such as in twilight deals). The County Card year runs from 1st April to 31st March the following year.

 The terms and conditions are also issued to the Clubs for display in the clubhouse. Details of how to get a card are given as well. There is no cost involved as the County Card is part of the Annual Levy paid by members within their annual subscription.

The County Card is available for use Monday to Friday only, not just at clubs in Cumbria but also at clubs throughout most of England. Bank Holidays are excluded. Members should be aware that Clubs quite often restrict the use of cards where more than 4 persons are involved.

To use the County Card, members must contact the club where a visit is planned, at least 24 hours before the date envisaged, to ensure that a starting time is available. Clubs may restrict usage to one visit a year. At all times, the decision of the Club re the usage of the Card is absolutely at their discretion and any alleged abuse of officials will be reported back to the County of issue.

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