Cumbria Union of Golf Clubs


We are dependent upon the good will of individual clubs to host Championship events and County matches. It is therefore considered vitally important that all players conduct themselves in a manner we all agree to whilst representing Cumbria.

On the course:

  • Current County clothing/footwear should be worn at all matches and the Northern Counties big 6 competition, and all clothing/footwear should be looked after to ensure it is maintained in good condition

  • No mobile phones on the course, except for use in an emergency

  • Shirts should always be tucked in

  • Golf Shoes should always be clean on arrival at the First Tee

  • Black trousers to be worn unless advised otherwise by the Captain

  • Always look as smart as possible

  • Refrain from using bad language

  • Never wear your current county clothing/footwear unless playing in a county match or attending the Northern Counties big 6 event or asked to do so by the County Captain

  • Always support your team mates out on the course until the last match is finished

  • Please, where practically possible, adhere to competition timescales and prevent the occurrence of any slow play

Off the course:

  • Never enter the clubhouse in socks

  • Always change into your shoes

  • Never wear waterproofs in the lounge of a clubhouse

  • Jackets and ties must always be worn after every match unless otherwise instructed by your Captain

  • Take pride in your appearance

  • If staying away in preparation for a county match/Northern counties big 6 competitions please ensure an acceptable level of behaviour is achieved at your place of stay at all times.

The Structure:

Players should contact the captain or acting captain ASAP at all times should any altercation or incident occur between home or away team executive committee members or general spectators at any event and vice versa. This is to ensure a consistent approach is achieved and all issues are resolved amicably.

Players or executive committee members who are unhappy with team selection or would like an explanation as to how team selection came about at any point during the playing season, should themselves feel free to contact the Captain directly to discuss the matter. They will be as informative as possible in his/her replies.
A player’s priority line is traditionally as follows International/National/County/Club and finally himself/herself.

Player’s event expenses claims are as per the agreed CUGC reimbursement policy. Events have to be within a recognised governing body (International/National/EGU/R&A). If any player is unsure whether they are entitled to claim back off certain events then they must ensure they seek guidance off the county captain ASAP where his/her decision will be final.

All our players should be proud to wear their County colours and represent Cumbria where we should all pull together to create a successful environment which is enjoyable to be involved within. 

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