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Scratch League

Scratch League Fixtures 2018

  Southern Premier League 2018

As a result of the 2018 AGM the winner of this league will play the winner of the Northern Premier League in a 18 hole match to find the Champion Scratch League team for 2018. The venue will be Eden GC on Sat 13th October.

DateHome TeamV          Away Team

Tue 29 May

 Windermere               0     

  0    Kirkby Lonsdale                                                                                                 

Thur 31 MayFurness A                      8  v  4    Furness B
Fri 1st JuneKendal B                      9  v  3    Barrow 

Tues 5 JunWindermere.               6      v    6      Barrow
Wed 6 JunKendal A.                       9  v   3      Furness B
Thur 7 JunFurness A                     12  v   0      Kendal B
Fri 8th JunCarus Green                 9  v   3      Ulverston

Thur 14 JunFurness B                       0  v        Kirkby Lonsdale
Fri 15th JuneCarus Green                   2  v    10     Furness A                 
Fri 15th JuneUlverston                        6  v   6      Windermere
Fri 15th JunBarrow                            7  v   5       Kendal A

Tues 19 JunWindermere                  7  v   5      Carus Green
Wed 20 JunKendal A                         12  v   0      Kendal B
Fri 22 JuneBarrow                             3  v   9      Furness A

Tue 26 JunWindermere                  8  v   4     Kendal B
Wed 27 Jun Kendal A                         9  v   3     Carus Green
Thur 28 JunFurness B                       6  v   6     Barrow
Fri 29th JunKirkby Lonsdale            0  v   0    Ulverston

Wed 4th JulKendal B                         7  v   5      Furness B
Fri 6th JulyBarrow                           10  v    2      Carus Green
Fri  6th JulyKirkby Lonsdale            0  v   0      Furness A         
Fri 6th JulyUlverston                       10  v   2      Kendal A

Wed 11th JulKendal A                         8  v   4      Windermere  
Thur 12th JulFurness B                       7   v   5       Ulverston
Fri 13th JulyKirkby Lonsdale           0  v   0      Kendal B

Thur 26 JulyFurness A                      12  v   0       Windermere
Fri 27th JulyKirkby Lonsdale            0  v   0       Kendal A
Fri 27th JulyKendal B                         8  v   4       Carus Green
Fri 27th JulyUlverston                       12  v   0       Barrow

Thur 2nd AuFurness A                       6  v   6      Kendal A
Fri  3rd AugKendal B                        9  v   3      Ulverston
Fri 3rd AugCarus Green                  6  v    6      Furness B
Fri 3rd AugBarrow                            0  v   0      Kirkby Lonsdale

Thur9th AugFurness B                       12  v   0      Windermere
Fri 10th AugCarus Green                   0  v   0      Kirkby Lonsdale
Fri 10th AugUlverston                         7  v   5      Furness A


Southern Premier League Results 2018

               Team PWDLFAPts
Furness A7511622262
Kendal A7412513351
Kendal B7403374737
Furness B7223434143
Carus Green7115315331
Kirkby Lonsdale0000  0  0  0

Unfortunately Kirkby Lonsdale have informed the Secretary that they will NOT be fulfilling the rest of their fixtures. Therefore, after much deliberation, it has been decided that all matches AGAINST Kirkby Lonsdale will be null and void. The relevant points have been DEDUCTED from ALL matches that were played against Kirkby Lonsdale.

As stated in the Scratch League Rules, the Secretary's decision is final. 

Many Congratulations to Rob Leitch and his Furness A team  who won 5 out of 7 games and only lost 1 match this season. They have qualified to play the Scratch League Final At Eden GC on Saturday 13th October 2019. Well Done Lads.  

 Northern Premier League 2018

As a result of the 2018 AGM the winner of this league will play the winner of the Southern Premier League in a 18 hole match to find the Champion Scratch League team for 2018. The venue will be Eden GC on Sat 13th Oct.


Home Team


Away Team

Wed 16th MayCarlisle A                               5  v

7     ​Penrith A

Wed 16th MayBrampton A                         7  v5     Workington B
 Wed 16th May Workington A                      7  v 

5  Carlisle B                                                                                  

Tues 22nd MayPenrith A                              4  V        Seascale A
Wed 23rd MayCarlisle A                             10  V2         Brampton A
Fri 25th MayWorkington B                     2  V10       Workington A

Weds 30th May            Workington A                     8  V 4        Brampton A
Weds 30th May Carlisle B                              2  V10        Penrith A
Thurs 31st MaySeascale A                           9  V          Workington B

Tues 5th JunePenrith A.                            10  V   ​2         Workington B
Weds 6th JuneBrampton A                        5  V   7         Carlisle B
Weds 6th June Carlisle A.                             10  V   2         Seascale A

Weds 13th JuneWorkington A                     10  V          Seascale A
Weds 13th JuneCarlisle B                               6  V          Carlisle A
Weds 13th JuneBrampton A                         8  V   4         Penrith A

Weds 20th JuneWorkington A                     4  V         Penrith A
Weds 20th JuneCarlisle A                              10  V  2         Workington B
Thurs 21St JuneSeascale A                            8  V  4         Carlisle B

Weds 27th JuneWorkington B                     4  V   8       Carlisle B
Weds 27th JuneCarlisle A                               6  V    6       Workington A
Thurs 28th JuneSeascale A                           10  V         Brampton A

Tues 3rd JulyPenrith A                              7  V    5       Carlisle A
Weds 4th July Workington B                     10  V        Brampton A
Weds 4th JulyCarlisle B                              12  V    0      Workington A

Thurs 12th JulyBrampton A.                        7  V    5    Carlisle A   
Thurs 12th July Seascale A                            10  V    2     Penrith A
Fri 13th JulyWorkington A                      11  V         Workington B          

Tue 17th JulyPenrith A.                              6  V    6.    Carlisle B
Wed 18th JulyBrampton A                         6  V    6     Workington A
Wed 18th JulyWorkington B                      6


    6    Seascale A

Wed 25th JulyCarlisle B                                9  V    3    Brampton A
Wed 25th JulyWorkington B                      4  V    8    Penrith A
Thurs 26th JulySeascale A                             7  V    5    Carlisle A

Tue 31st JulyPenrith A                                11  V     1     Brampton A
Wed 1st AugustCarlisle A                                12  V    0    Carlisle B
Thurs 2nd AugustSeascale A                               6  V

      Workington A

Tues 7th AugustPenrith A                            TBA  V  TBA  Workington A   Cancelled for Big 6 fixture
Wed 8th AugustWorkington B                   TBA  V  TBA  Carlisle A    Cancelled for Big 6 Fixture
Thurs 9th AugustSeascale A                              5  V   7      Carlisle B

Wed 15th AugustBrampton A                           9  V   3     Seascale A
Wed 15th AugustWorkington A                        2  V  10     Carlisle A
Wed 15th AugustCarlisle B                                10  V   2        Workington B

TBAPenrith A  V          Workington A   
Wed 22nd AugustWorkington B                        2  V  10    Carlisle A

Northern Premier League Results 2018

                   Team   PWDLFAPts
Carlisle A12624945094
Seascale A12723786678
Penrith A11713775577
Carlisle B12525727272
Workington A11533706270
Brampton A12417568856
Workington B1211104310141

 As a result of the 2018 AGM, Brampton A and Workington B are relegated. Workington B will play their 2019 season in the West League replacing Seascale B, Brampton A will play their 2019 season in the North League replacing Stony Holme.

Massive congratulations to Carlisle A for winning the Northern Premier League for 2018. They will now go forward to Eden GC on 13th October to play Furness A in the Scratch league Final to find the Champion Club for 2018.

 North League 2018

As a result of the 2018 AGM the team that wins this league gains promotion to the Northern premier league 2019.

Many congratulations to Stony Holme who have won the North League and will play in the Northern Premier League in 2019. Well done Lads.

DateHome Team  

          Away Team

Tue 22 May  

 Eden                                                       10         


  2         Brampton  B                                                              

Tue 22 MayAppleby                                                    8  v  4        Penrith B
Fri 25th MaySilloth                                                        6  v  6        Stony Holme

Wed 30 MayBrampton B                                            6  v  6        Silloth
Fri 1st JunPenrith B                                                  5        v  ​7         Eden
Fri 1st JunStony Holme                                          12  v 0        Appleby

Tues 5th JunAppleby                                                   10  v 2         Brampton B
Fri 8th JunStony Holme                                          10  v 2         Penrith B
Fri 8th JunSilloth                                                        6  v 6         Eden

Thur 14 JunBrampton B                                            3  v      Stony Holme
Fri 15th JunPenrith B                                                  3  v  9      Silloth

Tue 19th JunEden                                                          7  v   5     Appleby
Fri 22nd JunSilloth                                                       10  v   2     Appleby
Fri 22nd JunPenrith B                                                  7  v   5     Brampton B
Fri 22nd JunStony Holme                                           8  v   4     Eden

Tues 26 JunEden                                                         6  v    6    Stony Holme
Tues 26 JunAppleby                                                   11  v        Silloth       
Wed 27 JunBrampton B                                           12  v    0    Penrith B

Tue 3rd JulyAppleby                                                    8  v     4   Eden        
Fri 6th JulySilloth                                                        8  v     4   Penrith B
Fri 6th JulyStony Holme                                          10   v     2   Brampton B

Tue 10 JulyEden                                                         11  v      1   Silloth
Wed 11 JulyBrampton B                                            5  v     7   Appleby
Fri 13th JulyPenrith B                                                  5  v     7   Stony Holme

Tue 17 JulyEden.                                 .                        5  v      7      Penrith B
Tue 17 JulyAppleby.                                                   10  v      2     Stony Holme
Fri 20th JulySilloth.                                                        7  v      5.    Brampton B

Wed 25 JulyBrampton B                                             8  v      4     Eden
Fri 27th JulyStony Holme                                           10  v      2     Silloth
Fri 27th JulyPenrith B                                                   3  v      9     Appleby


    North League Results 2018

Stony Holme10721804080
Brampton B10217507050
Penrith B10208408040

 Many Congratulations go to StonyHolme G C for their magnificent winning of the Scratch League North League  2018. They have gained promotion to the Northern Premier League for the 2019 season, Well done Rusty and the  team.

West League  2018

As a result of the 2018 AGM the team that wins this league gains promotion to the Northern Premier League 2019

Thu 24 MaySeascale B                      11              V  

  1        Whitehaven                                                                                                                        

Fri 25 Maykeswick                  V              BYE      
Fri 25 MayMaryport                           5  V      7        Cockermouth

Fri 1 JuneKeswick                             7  V        Seascale B
Fri 1 JuneCockermouth                 ​12  V0          Whitehaven 
Fri 1 JuneMaryport   V            BYE

Tue 5 JunWhitehaven                     5  V7           Keswick
Tue 5 JunBye  V             Cockermouth 
Thu 7 JunSeascale B                        12  V0           Maryport

Tue12 JunBYE   V             Whitehaven 
Fri 15 JunCockermouth                   4  V 8          Seascale B
Fri 15 JunMaryport                            7  V 5          Keswick

Tue 19 JuWhitehaven                       3  V 9         Maryport 
Thu 21 JuSeascale B  V            BYE 
Fri 22 JunKeswick                              12  V         Cockermouth 

Tue26JunBYE   V            Seascale
Fri 29 JunMaryport                            12  V  0       Whitehaven 
Fri 29 JunCockermouth                    9  V       Keswick

Tue 3 JulWhitehaven   V            BYE 
Thu 5 JulSeascale B                         12  V   0       Cockermouth 
Fri 6 JulKeswick                               0  V  12      Maryport 

Fri 13 JulMaryport                             6  V      Seascale B
Fri 13 JulCockermouth   V            BYE
Fri 13 JulKeswick                              11  V       Whitehaven 

Tue17 JulBYE  V            Maryport
Tue 17 JulWhitehaven                      12  V  0.      Cockermouth 
Thu 19 JulSeascale B.                        12  V   0        Keswick

Tue 24 JulWhitehaven                       3  V  9        Seascale B
Tue 24JulBYE   V             Keswick
Fri 27 Jul

Cockermouth                    0       


  12        Maryport 

13th OCT


West League Results 2018

Seascale B 861175 2175




 Congratulations go to Seascale B on winning the Scratch League West League for 2018. Next year Seascale B       will join Seascale A in the Northern Premier League, Congratulations also go to Maryport for pushing Seascale B all the way. My personal thanks go to all the other teams who religously sent there results to me in very quick time. Your time and effort in getting your teams together and your results in is very much appreciated. Thank you very much Gentlemen.

Results as of 13/08/17

Northern Premier League Table









Carlisle A10802784278
Carlisle B10505606060
Workington A10424586258
Seascale A10523576357
Brampton A10406556555
Penrith A10127526852

Southern Premier League Table









Kendal A7511562856
Kendal B7133345034
Carus Green7124325232
Kirkby Lonsdale7124285628

West League









Workington B    10712843684
Seascale B10703744674

North League









Silloth A9*513634563
Brampton B10505596159
Penrith B10235477347

Carlisle A beat Furness Golf Club.

An eliminating match between Penrith A and Appleby will be played at Windermere G.C on Saturday 5th May with the first Tee being played at 2.30 pm Approx.

Scratch League Rules 2018

1. There shall be 4 leagues in the Cumbria Scratch League. North Premier, South Premier, North and West.

2. Entry fee will be £65 per team and is reviewed annually. All fees to be paid to CUGC’s before the start of the league matches.

3. Teams shall consist of 6 Players (usually the 6 lowest handicappers) Players shall play in strict handicap order, but, where players have the same handicap, a team captain shall have discretion to play those players in the order of his choosing. Team Captains/ Managers shall submit a team sheet before play begins.

4. ALL players MUST have an active (competitive) handicap. Any Player found to have an inactive handicap will be disqualified from that match and points awarded to the opposing team. The lowest 6 handicap players at the 1st January each year will only be eligible for “A” team. Once any other player has played 5 times for the “A” team they will NOT be eligible to play for the “B” team.

5. All matches MUST be played as per the fixture list. Teams will only be allowed to re-arrange and replay matches which were cancelled due to weather. No matches should be played on a Friday or Monday if a County match is to be played on the Saturday or Sunday and a team player is in the County Squad for that Match.

6. If a course starts to become unplayable AFTER a match has started, a result can be recorded if; the last game has reached the tenth tee or better the result of matches shall be gained from when the matches stopped. If the last match can’t finish the ninth hole the match shall become VOID. Fixture Lists have made allowances for void matches, Team Managers must use Catch up weeks for this scenario.

7. If an away team fails to show for a fixture, WITHOUT prior warning to the home club, that club may be eligible for any reasonable expense incurred by the home club.

8. The scoring system will be (a) A game win whether at home OR away = 2 points. (b) A draw =1 point (c) A loss = 0 points. Individual scores MUST still be recorded.

9. NO allowance shall be made to any club that cannot field a team. If first choice team not eligible then juniors or higher handicappers should be used.

10. The home club shall provide all team players and manager/ captain with at least a one course meal. All other officials MUST offer payment for booked meals.

11. The Winners of the North Premier and South Premier Leagues shall play a Matchplay scenario to find the Scratch League Champions of Cumbria. Format for the final shall be that which was used at Silloth in 2012. Winners of North and West leagues shall play each other at the same venue to find a winner who will then be promoted to the North Premier, the team relegated from the North Premier shall fall into which ever league is geographically suited to that team. Scratch League Secretary shall decide.

12. Match Results MUST be forwarded to the Scratch League Secretary via text or mobile on 07850 596762 or email at

13. All results and league positions will be available by the week end of matches played. Results will be open to scrutiny.

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